More on Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas, Costa Adeje, Torviscas Alto, and San Eugenio


Since 1976, when I took my first 2 weeks holiday in Tenerife, and the area was only just being recognised as a winter holiday destination that it soon became, Playa de las Americas grew over the next two decades into what one could arguably call the most well known “man-made” town in the Canary Islands.

During the same time scale, and beyond, the small fishing village of Los Cristianos, with its already established charm and character, in typical Canarian style, experienced the same demand for additional hotels, and holiday accommodation.

By the late 80s, if not a little before, both resorts were spreading rapidly, until the natural village of Los Cristianos joined the more recently developed Playa de las Amercias, and both expanded along the coast and a little more inland, and uphill to form the areas now known as Costa Adeje, Torviscas and San Eugenio. (More on these areas below at the foot of this weeks blog)

Property construction and sales, alongside the booming holiday industry, broke all previously known records in such a short span of time. Sure enough, apart from one or two minor setbacks due to short recesssions, the records were still being smashed, and property prices continued to rise quickly, well into the 21st century, until the most recent crisis started which we have all endured throughout the western world.

That recession, starting in 2007, possibly the worst that most us have experienced, dragged prices down by about 20% to 30% overall in the southern “resort” areas, after rises averaging around 9% per year since the resort became established in the early 80”s .

However, as all good things seemed come to an end, so did the bad, and over the last 2 years since early 2014 we have seen a slow but sure recovery, both in sales and prices. In fact, over the last 9 months alone, prices have risen, demand has increased, and supply has decreased hugely. There are still a limited number of well priced properties available, at prices which many Europeans including, especially, the British, with their strong domestic economy and very reasonably rated pound sterling against a weaker euro, have discovered.

One could argue that there will always be sellers, where their are buyers, so now is a great time to ensure you dont miss the “boat” if you have been seriously considering a holiday home in the all year round sunshine of Tenerife.

I will round off this weeks blog with a few links to what we at Lupain, would regard as exceptionally, well priced properties, in the resorts we have looked at today, and as an example, have taken 2 from each of the main areas, Los Cristianos, and Playa de las Americas, and 1 each from the other areas covered.

In the next blog we will consider, exactly what you should consider when purchasing a holiday home, or residential property, in Tenerife, before embarking on the road to that dream property in the sun!

LINKS to Properties

Los Cristianos

1 bedroom

2 bedrooms

Playa de las Americas

1 bedroom

2 bedrooms

Costa Adeje (4 bedrooms-amazing views)

San Eugenio

Torviscas Alto

For those of you acquainted with Tenerife, and many of you will be annual visitors, at the least, then the resort areas we are covering today are household names, and we are sure you would prefer us to tell you more about property, and your possible interest in purchase than to guide you around these well known areas. In fact, there is so much information on the internet these days on these areas, that as experienced Estate Agents, we feel that we should concentrate our efforts on a weekly basis to keep you updated with the property scene rather than focus on what on may consider a Tour Operator or Tour Guide's role.

Naturally, we will always be here to answer those pertinent questions you have on location, location, location, and pleased to assist and respond in detail to any queries you have in those respects.

But for the time being, as we will try to do in all aspects of the property purchase introduction and further procedures, we feel that some useful links to “neutral” media and press comments, together with specialist operators, about the islands resorts, amenities, what to do when here, etc, can very often be more valuable to a newcomers first impression of what to expect when here, and again a more impartial guide to tempt one to “come and try the island first”hand, rather than the temptations of an estate agent!

So please take a look at some of these links

Tenerife General – and Southern Resorts

Los Cristianos

Playa de las Americas

Costa Adeje

San Eugenio (Costa Adeje)

Torviscas (Alto y Bajo) - ( Coast and Inland)