Buying Property in Tenerife


There are huge benefits for people from the UK and elsewhere to buy property in Tenerife. The all year summer-like weather is the obvious attraction, but Tenerife offers so much to almost everyone whether the extremely low cost of living, the beautiful mountains and pine forests or just the fabulous low key lifestyle of foreigners and locals alike, on these, the aptly named “Fortunate Islands”.

Your checklist for selecting Tenerife properties to rent


Tenerife has a lot to offer in terms of tourist attractions – from the Candelaria Basilica and the Santa Cruz Auditorium to the magnificent views of the Los Gigantes cliffs, the small mountain village of Masca with its splendid natural environments, Casa del Vino (the wine museum located in an old estate house), and much more. If you want to explore in all at a leisurely pace, you should look for Tenerife properties to rent to enjoy your vacation at a home away from home. However, there are some factors that you should consider before renting a property in Tenerife. To make it easier for you, we bring you a checklist for the purpose.

How to choose the perfect real estate agent


When it comes to buying your first home, or selling your current one, choosing the right real estate agent can make a world of difference. From their market expertise to negotiation and communication skills, a good real estate agent is easy to spot – and not just because their picture may or may not be on a public bench!

3 steps to find awesome Tenerife properties for sale


Finding your dream property in Tenerife isn’t an easy job. Before you make a long-term commitment to buy, you should know what you’re looking for and how much you’re willing to spend. But instead of jumping blindfolded into the process, there are certain steps that you can take to ensure you get a good deal.

Dreamy Properties for Sale


The best investment one can make us by investing in property. We all know that investing in property is a wise decision as the rate of the property is surely to rise with time. Even in case you have owned property you can generally raise the income by putting it on rent. So, now is the time as Dreamy Properties for Sale in Tenerife by ‘‘Lupain Tenerife Estate Agents’’ is on. If you are in a habit of Living a luxurious life and want to have the privilege of looking into head then surely tenerife is your place.

How estate agents can help you find properties for sale and rent


Tenerife is known for its mild temperatures and a fantastic climate throughout the year. Perhaps that’s why it’s called the island boasting of an “eternal spring.” Located at the heart of the archipelago family of the Canary Islands, Tenerife is a great place to live in. But whether you are looking for properties to rent or properties for sale, it would be wise to hire experienced real estate agents rather than do it all on your own.

Properties in Los Cristianos Lupain Tenerife Estate Agents


Playa de Los Cristianos is one of the first and also foremost resorts situated in Tenerife and very popular with holidaymakers of all ages and hence an area which is very sought after for property buyers from all over Europe.

Spanish NIE numbers


The NIE or foreigner identity number is a code for the tax identification of foreigners in Spain. The government of Spain has linked the NIE number to the residence, which includes the NIE number on the residence card, and social security in Spain.

Proud To Be Featured


Lupain is a leading estate agent in Tenerife. Since our inception in 1996, we have established an impressive reputation on the island and in the industry. We are experienced estate agents who have helped thousands of clients buy and sell property faster and easier through trust, fantastic service and professionalism.

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Since 1976, when I took my first 2 weeks holiday in Tenerife, and the area was only just being recognised as a winter holiday destination that it soon became, Playa de las Americas grew over the next two decades into what one could arguably call the most well known “man-made” town in the Canary Islands.