Spanish NIE numbers


The NIE or foreigner identity number is a code for the tax identification of foreigners in Spain. The government of Spain has linked the NIE number to the residence, which includes the NIE number on the residence card, and social security in Spain.

The residence card will be issued upon presentation of the official model and prior payment of the corresponding fee, in accordance with the current legislation on public rates and fees.

The NIE consists of an initial letter, seven digits and an alphabetical verification character. The initial letter is a Y for NIEs assigned since July 16, 2008.
According to article 101 of the Spanish Foreigners Regulation, foreigners who, due to their economic, professional or social interests, are related to Spain, will be endowed, for identification purposes, with a personal, unique and exclusive number, of a sequential nature . The personal number will be the foreigner's identifier, which must appear on all the documents issued or processed, as well as the proceedings stamped on his identity card or passport. It is required to buy properties, vehicles and boats.

The following three NIE assignment requests are supported:
1. Those presented in Spain personally by the interested party at the General Directorate of the Police, in which case he must prove that he is legally in Spanish territory and document the reason for the assignment of said number.
2. Those presented in Spain by the representative of the foreigner at the General Directorate of the Police, accrediting said representation by means of general power or special power, as well as documentary proof of the reason for the assignment of the number.
3. Those presented in the diplomatic representations or Spanish consular offices located in the country of residence of the applicant, together with the documents that justify the reason for the number assignment.
Foreigners with NIEs use them to register in the Municipal Register of inhabitants.
There are four documents that are required to make the request:
1. Original application, which is called EX 15, completed and signed and a photocopy (the original is returned to the applicant).
2. Passport and photocopy
3. Address in Spain
4. A written reason to justify the need for the NIE (issued by an accountant, a notary, a bank manager, an insurance agent, a future employer, etc.)