Hairdressers For Trespaso In Bahia Del Duque LP9413

Bahia Del Duque, Spain

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Hairdressing with 60m2 located in Beril del Duque, you pay € 1,500 / month including taxes, it is transferred with all materials and reform made. It also has the rent paid until September 2019 (€ 10,500 saved by the client), currently generates about € 10,000 / month, discounting costs of € 5,000 (rent, social security, salaries, electricity and water) has a benefit of about € 5,000 / month, that is 60,000 / year.

Saving the € 10,500 rent until September, I would really be paying € 74,500 per transfer. Therefore, in 1 year and 3 months you will have amortized the investment.

I believe that no other investment gives such profitability.