Apartments Vacation Holiday in Los Cristianos


Los Cristianos was one of the first holiday resorts established in the south of Tenerife and while still popular with holidaymakers.

Los Cristianos is often described as all high-rise purpose-built apartments, purpose-built hotels and purpose-built beaches and “Lupain Tenerife Estate Agent” can provide that all.

The impression often portrayed is that like Las Americas, Los Cristianos is purpose built and full of sun-worshippers, clubbers and pubbers. The reality is Los Cristianos is a real town with a history pre-dating the boom of tourism.

Los Cristianos grew as a resort for ailing Swedes who left their mark, by naming the main street “Avenida de Suecia” (Avenue of Sweden) and the “Casa Sueca”, a Swedish Church, situated on the seafront.

Los Cristianos is a match for Las Americas in the quality and variety of its restaurants and for the holidaymaker partial to a drop of liquid refreshment, there is no shortage of bars. It also has night-life, but serious clubbers may wish to take off to Playa de las Americas particularly the area known as ‘Veronicas’ if they are wanting to party until 6am.

The couple of days you can spent with friends and family and swimming in the ocean, camping out on the beach, enjoying magical sunsets and beach parties and you will feel that were some of your’s magical days in Europe.