Top 3 Things To Do In Costa Adeje


If you are planning a trip to Costa Adeje in Tenerife, you would do well to plan your activities in advance to ensure your holiday is high on fun and adrenaline. Apart from offering you a magnificent backdrop of Mount Teide, Costa Adeje boasts of crystal clear beaches, serene beauty, and a great selection of food, which explain why it’s a popular beach holiday destination. Once you have finalized you plans to come here, the top three activities to indulge in are as follows:

  1. Water sports at the coastline

You can have a lot of fun while exploring Costa Adeje’s coastline. You can go snorkeling or opt for scuba diving at Costa Adeje Beach to get a closer look at the region’s aquatic life. If you would rather stay above water, you can indulge in a wide variety of other water sports including jet skiing, canoying, kayaking, etc.

  1. Visit Siam Park

This family-friendly themed water park has something or the other for everyone. You can take a ride in the water slides; let children (if you have them in the family) wander into the “Lost City” that boasts of multiple bridges, towers, nets, and cascades along with 15 water slides, which are sure to keep the little ones busy; take a look at the Thai floating market; or head over to Siam Beach, which is a wave pool where you will get to take surfing lessons. In case you feel hungry or need to enjoy some beverages while visiting the varied attractions of Siam Park, you may head to any of these:

  • The Tea House - for a huge variety of the best coffees, teas, and crepes.
  • Sweet Siam – for delectable cakes and ice creams.
  • Beach Club – to taste delicious chicken and hamburger accompanied by French fries.
  • Thai Bar – for the best cocktail, sangria, or Champaign.
  • Beach Bar - to treat your taste buds to cocktails, barbecues, and especially mojitos and hot dogs.
  1. La Caleta National Park

Head to this national park that offers mesmerizing panoramic views and natural beauty in abundance. It’s especially a must-visit destination if you have plans to get your feet kissed by the Atlantic Ocean.

Accommodation options

To enjoy all these and other activities in Costa Adeje, you need to find a suitable accommodation option. In case you plan to find properties to rent in Tenerife but are afraid of the legwork involved, let experts like those onboard Lupain Tenerife Estate Agents do it for you. These professionals will help you to find a property that meets all your needs, has a favorable location with great views, and even sits comfortably within your budget. After all, what more can you ask for when the goal is to make your Costa Adeje vacation as memorable as possible?