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Los Cristianos Beach

Located on the south west coast of the island is the town of Los Cristianos. A short fifteen minute drive from the main Reina Sofia international airport which will take you past the other south coast resorts of Costa del Silencio, Golf delSur and Amarilla Golf. Over the last thirty years Los Cristianos has become one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe. You can book holiday accommodation in Los Cristianos with us too. The resort has become very popular with not only tourists and holidaymakers, but also with investors who come here to buy real estate for sale here. The resort of Los Cristianos is located beneath the Guaza Mountains which lie to the south of the resort and separate Los Cristianos from the popular and up and coming village of Palm Mar. To the north and inland to the east Los Cristianos is bordered by the villages of Guaza, Cabo Blanco, Chayofa and Buzanada. Although Los Cristianos has grown in size over the last three decades it has lost none of the charm and appeal which first attracted the initial tourists to the area. Los Cristianos is now a modern and well maintained resort which boasts numerous facilities which are used and welcomed by tourists and residents alike. There are a number of bars and restaurants where you can watch the fishermen return with their catch or simply enjoy the stunning views across the Atlantic Ocean. Many tourists only come to Los Cristianos for a holiday but return home with the idea of buying apartments and villas for sale in Los Cristianos as way of having their own holiday home for the future or as a residential home to live in all year long. Many investors who buy apartments for sale in Los Cristianos or villas for sale in Los Cristianos do so in order to rent them out as holiday accommodation for tourists. Los Cristianos is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Europe and attracts a wide number of visitors from Germany, France, Italy and of course Spain. We have a wide range of real estate for sale in Los Cristianos for you to choose from so take you time and browse through our online portfolio and contact us in order to achieve your dream of owning real estate in Los Cristianos.


Playa de Las Americas Beach

Playa de Las Americas lies just to the north of Los Cristianos and has a faster pace of life than its neighbour. The area of Playa de Las Americas is very popular as a both holiday makers and tourists alike. We have a wide range of holiday rentals in Playa de Las Americas for you to choose from. Apartments for sale in Playa de Las Americas prove to be very popular with people who choose to invest in property for sale here. Buying apartments here is very advantageous as they can be used to accommodate holidaymakers in the resort when you are not choosing to use the apartment and when you are on the island they are a great home or base from which you can enjoy your time in Playa de Las Americas. The resort of Playa de Las Americas is bordered to the north and the east by San Eugenio, Torviscas and Fañabe. All of these neighbouring resorts are easily accessible by car or public transport due to the central location of the resort. In fact the main sea front area is completely pedestrianised. The promenade is called the Geranium Walk and ensures easy passage from Los Cristianos through Playa de Las Americas and almost all the way along the coast to La Caleta. The promenade is lined with bars, restaurants and cafes where you can sit and people watch or enjoy the stunning sea views. This area in particular is very popular with investors who are looking to buy a Playa de Las Americas business due to the high footfall of customers that pass by. Due to the coastal nature of Playa de Las Americas nearly all of the apartments and villas for sale in Playa de Las Americas are a short walk from the golden sand beaches. This is yet another reason why Playa de Las Americas is so popular with people choosing to invest in overseas real estate here. Playa de Las Americas is well known as an area full of bars and nightlife and the changes to the infrastructure in the area have done nothing to change this. Playa de Las Americas is still very popular during the evenings. There are a multitude of different bars and restaurants which cater for all manner of cuisine and entertainment. However, there is no sense of the area being swamped or overwhelmed with too many businesses. The sheer popularity of the resort throughout the year ensures that there is always a gap in the market for a new business that can quite quickly prove to be very popular with residents and tourists alike.


Torviscas Beach

The area of Torviscas on the south west coast of the island has been growing and developing over the last decade and is now less dependant on the neighbouring Playa de Las Americas to the south as it used to be and is in fact a popular holiday destination in it's own right. Why not book your next holiday rentals in Torviscas with us? Torviscas is also bordered by San Eugenio and Fañabe and due to the recent growth of the area the four neighbouring resorts seem to have no real definitive boundaries between them. Historically Torviscas was composed of holiday apartment complexes and hotels which lined the seafront, but over time new developments have taken place and you can now find all manner of properties here from studio apartments, through to one, two, three and four bedroom Torviscas apartments for sale and penthouses to magnificent five and six bedroom luxury villas. New developments further inland have created more residential areas within Torviscas. Roque del Conde is a perfect example of this. The area is blessed with a stunning coastline and promenade where you can enjoy the stunning sea view or spectacular sunset from one of the numerous bars and restaurants that can be found here. The touristic nature of the area ensures that there are numerous attractions and excursions to be enjoyed which adds to the overall value of the area. For those of you looking to buy real estate for sale in Torviscas as a residential home there are some beneficial factors to be had when buying Tenerife real estate in Torviscas. There are some excellent schools in the area, offering international education for students from five to eighteen years of age. Living in Torviscas means that you are never far away from the beach. There are local markets on a Thursday and Saturday and for those of you who don't have a private spa in your Torviscas villa many of the local hotels offer discounted rates to residents so that you can take advantage of their gymnasiums, spa treatments and fitness centres at a fraction of the usual price. All in all, buying property for sale in Torviscas gives you the best of both worlds whether you are looking for a holiday home or a permanent residence in the sunshine.


San Eugenio Beach

San Eugenio provides the south west corner of the island with the real hustle and bustle feel of a holiday resort. The area is a plethora of bars, cafes and restaurants. These San Eugenio businesses provide both residents and holidaymakers with a wide range of international cuisines whilst at the same time offering many different types of family entertainment. There is a large commercial centre where the shops sell everything from cutting edge modern technology to humble artisan arts and crafts. There is a large and fully stocked supermarket which makes grocery shopping easy. There is no need to own a car or to travel further afield for you to buy your necessities as they can all be purchased right here on your own doorstep. Buying apartments for sale in San Eugenio can be a very shrewd move for the property investor to make as there is the possibility of excellent rental returns in this area. There is great property rental potential here as the area is very popular with both tourists and residents alike. Some investors who have bought San Eugenio properties for sale in the past have actually managed to cover more then forty weeks of the year from private rentals which provides a more than adequate return on the investment. The resort of San Eugenio is located in between the other resorts of Playa de Las Americas, Fañabe and Torviscas. One of the most popular and well known features of San Eugenio is the marina Puerto Colon. Although the marina is very busy, it is smaller in size than the harbour of Los Cristianos and provides moorings to many smaller boats and vessels as well as the larger pleasure craft and catamarans. There is a wide range of bars and restaurants in and around the area of Puerto Colon which offer everything from traditional Canarian tapas to fresh caught fish and seafood to the more favoured holiday snack of burger and chips. Buying real estate for sale in San Eugenio is a very popular choice with people choosing to relocate here. San Eugenio is perfectly located. There is a main postal sorting office and of course the beaches are never far away. Whichever way you look at it buying properties for sale in San Eugenio is a very shrewd move indeed. Are you looking for holiday rentals in San Eugenio? Well look no further.


Fañabe Beach

The Playa Fañabe area of the island seems to have it all. It is popular with tourists. There are amazing hotels and complexes constructed here, but you can also find some absolutely amazing residential and commercial properties for sale in Playa Fañabe too. Playa Fañabe is located along the coast to the north of Torviscas and to the south of La Caleta. Not only are there some amazing villas for sale in Playa Fañabe, but there are also many high quality Playa Fañabe apartments for sale too and all of them are only a short distance from the beautiful golden sand beaches which separate the island from the Atlantic Ocean. People looking to buy a family home here need look no further than the properties for sale here. The beachfront in Playa Fañabe is only recently constructed and offers both tourists and residents the opportunity to wine and dine in five star luxury in the many beach front bars and restaurants with a view over the Atlantic that will take your breath away. The resort of Playa Fañabe is conveniently positioned giving easy access to the south to the main motorway which encircles the island, whereas to the north the beautiful countryside of the island and villages such as Macsa and Buenavista are equally easily accessible. Playa Fañabe is a very quiet and highly desirable area in which to buy real estate. If you are planning a holiday you can book holiday rentals in Fañabe here. Off plan developments are also available to buy here and buying apartments for sale in Playa Fañabe can prove to be very profitable to the overseas property investor. Slightly inland from the coastal area you can find quiet residential streets and privately owned villas for sale in Playa Fañabe which will provide you with a fantastic family home or rental property that will almost pay for itself if correctly managed. To summarise Playa Fañabe has a little bit of everything for people looking to buy property, so give this area very serious consideration if you are debating whether to relocate on the wonderful and friendly island.

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